Aleph Toolbox N3

Aleph Toolbox (formerly known as IA, by Aleph) is an army list builder tool (and much more) for the miniature game Infinity The Game, by Corvus Belli. The tool has been developed as an open source project, mainly by me (with some collaborations), and it's available for free in both binary and source format. Most images, logos and text/data, used by the tool and in this site, belongs instead to Corvus Belli, used with their permission, and will be removed on their request.

With Infinity N3, I've started a complete rewrite of the app. The old app will remail available, but won't be updated anymore.

The new app (Aleph Toolbox N3) is available for these platforms:
  • Web app online (accessible with any browser); should also be usable with many mobile browsers
All the updates will be applied first to the webapp version, and then on other versions.

The old app (Aleph Toolbox 2) is available for these platforms:

An help/tutorial page (for AT2) can be found here: User Guide.

All the code and dev resources are hosted by Google Code. Refer there for bug reports. We will gladly accept collaborations, expecially for testing/debugging (on various devices), graphics/design, and localization. You may contact us on our google code project page (see above).


PS: Mobile development is costly (development and store fees, test devices, hosting and stuff . . ). Support the app development and distribution with a small donation!